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I work with clients and project partners who appreciate the power of design to create spaces that feel good to be in...

Spaces that acknowledge the pleasure of the little things in life, like preparing a meal for your friends or family, or reading a book in the afternoon sun.

Here’s how I'll work with you, the MARG. way...


1. the first meeting

To start working together, we need to get to know each other and explore your needs. What better way to do so than sharing a drink? This allows me to understand your project and, just as importantly, what you dream of for it. 

This meeting is charged at a flat fee of $500 + GST. After this meeting, I will put together your Project Proposal which includes a Return Brief, Scope of Works and Quote for my services. Basically these documents outline your requirements along with an idea of how the project will run from start to finish so you always know where you stand. From there, if you think we'll be a great fit, we move on to...


2. The Suburb, The Site and The Space

To design something once and to do it well, we need to delve deeper than the visual. I start in the past and start exploring. What is the history of the suburb? What does it tell us? 

Combining research into the suburb, the site and the space gives us the cues we need to create a home or business that includes a level of consideration and detail far beyond the surface aesthetics. This brings us to...


3. designing, detailing, documenting

It's at this stage that the direction for your project really starts to take shape. We explore each space's look and feel and create mood boards to help us to visualise the finer details. Next up, we build on the work done so far to draw your interior details and specify your fixtures, finishes, paints and appliances.

Then, with your sign off, we'll finalise your plans and product lists down to the smallest details and work with your builder to hand these over so the heavy lifting can start!


4. style time

While your builder is busy working on your quote for the overall build and interior install based on our plans, we can start exploring your furniture, art and styling elements. Clients either run a mile or love this part of the process and come with Pinterest boards in hand. Either way, I'm here to help guide you through what you need and what's going to work best in your new space.



At this stage, you can choose to work with your builder to buy and install your specified products or bring me back in to organise these for you. This part of your project involves site visits with joiners, tilers and trades to get the build finished! Which means it's then time to... 


6. Pop the Champagne

Let's pack away the tools and celebrate your new space!

Push the boundaries, get curious, say no to convention and yes to a unique space designed with the past and your future in mind. Let's talk.