Who is MARG?

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Growing up on a sheep property in north west New South Wales, I was lucky enough to have three grandparents living close by, all of whom had a unique set of skills to pass on.

My grandmother Margaret was a true creative and doer from a generation known for their resourcefulness.  We spent days together with Granny chasing after me in my roller blades, baking, sewing new outfits for toys, or taking a packed lunch to draw and paint next to the creek. 

While these kind of skills would have been a way to keep me - a rather boisterous child - busy, they also instilled a passion for making and creating things.

My grandparents' generation have seen everything from their mail being delivered with a horse and sulky all the way to iPhones. Yet, one thing remained constant: their “waste not, want not” and “buy once, buy well” attitudes.

MARG. Studio embodies the values of all my grandparents, and is driven by the notion of “design once, design well”. 

I believe in designing not just for a good time but for a long time.

I value design that isn't disposable and I'm not interested in creating spaces that are ‘on trend’.  Instead, I focus on creating spaces based on function and timeless design, that endure and adapt for the generations to come.

I work with the makers, the artists and the master tradesmen and women because I believe there is nothing better than finding a family business that has been creating hand turned door handles from their garage for thirty years. 

Welcome to MARG. Studio. It's good to have you here.

Emily MacAlpine
MARG. Studio, Director

MARG. Studio Director Emily MacAlpine has a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) from the University of Sydney and a Diploma of Interior Styling from the International School of Colour and Design, along with a number of years working with an internationally renowned art consultant. She is also a designer educator with some of Australia's leading design schools.

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